A Quick Update

2010 Status Update (2010 is 5% over! I left home 554 days ago!):

Unfortunately, a plan for the 2010 goals at the bottom of the page is not complete yet, but I have already failed on a few goals already…oopsy. I got pretty lit Friday night to send off a few backpacker friends and I have still been getting some caffeine intake (reckon ~95% decrease based on 2009 intake). I am a little over 1/3 complete reading CCNA prep books, 1/3 through ISTQB(software testing) book, and making progress on a python programming tutorial and a Spanish language book I scooped up at the local library. Lastly, professional employment opportunities keep arising and I am still staying active.

Future (why planning isn’t complete)

The magnitude of difference between the decisions I seem to be presently confronted with is novel to me. Just for fun I made a flowchart displaying the current options as I see them. Options not taken into account and that can be pursued regardless of the path chosen include PHD, MBA, and being a bum. Jan. 31st deadline of deciding to fully pursue one of these options.

Why I don’t want to drink alcohol or caffeine.

Some people(pretty much all society) think it is awkward to have such goals. Here is my motivation:
Alcohol seems to make me stupid both during consumption and after consumption. I do not want to be stupid.
Caffeine seems to make me compulsive. I seem to see less of the big picture and be less open when under the influence of caffeine. I desire to see more of the big picture and be more open.

Next day on tour

I am looking to post the next day of the Kiwi Experience tour tonight. Looking to finally finish getting a post for each day documented online.


Tier 1 Goals

Daily discipline – This is mainly directed at developing a solid sleep schedule and not getting caught up in fruitless activities
Professional Employment
International Ironman – Options listed in chronological order – South Afica, Japan, Nice, Regensberg, UK ~ 900 NZD just for entry (the amount of resources I have dedicated towards physical activity is )
CCNA – about 1/3 through the first book out of two – each test is 125 USD
ISTQB – ordered book – test is ~ 300 NZD
Develop idea of ideal living environment – current factors include current and future ideals and plans of government, society, air quality, disposition to cyclists, environmental stance, public transport, and standard quality of life metrics
Save Some Money
No Alcohol – self explanatory
No Caffeine – looking to limit psychoactive intakes
Expand diet in healthy ways and expand variety of meals – simplicity is good, but I eat pretty much the same thing every week. Not really tired of it, but something new might not hurt

Tier 2 Goals

Develop 5 Year Vision
Develop 3 Year Plan
Programming languages – Python, Perl, Shell, C, and PHP – studying Python/django now and have previously studied PHP and some Shell
Fluent in Spanish – Reading a refresher book on Spanish
Conversational in German or Mandarin

Tier 3 Goals

Get into Adventure Racing – still in Research phase
3:30 Marathon – Current best is 3:40 – End goal is to get 3:15 for Boston
Travel Southeast Asia, Japan, China, and/or Central Europe/UK
Get into sailing

As a side note, I have previously considered pursuing a PHD. Recently, I have been doing some more research into the idea. Who knows.

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