First Day on Bottom Bus, Dunedin Railway Station, Otago vs Auckland Rugby, Noodle Canteen, Speight’s Brewery Tour – Dunedin, New Zealand (Day 21)

Today was the first day on the Bottom Bus. Because the majority of tourists don’t visit the very south of New Zealand there is a separate bus system for these parts. The Kiwi Experience labels their service Bottom Bus. That out of the way, the first stop with the Bottom Bus is Dunedin. The drive to Dunedin was pleasant and uneventful. Dunedin is a major university town and was one of my favorites. Dunedin hosts many architecturally unique old buildings that have been well kept. One of those such buildings is the Dunedin Railway Station.



It is a quick stop. Make sure to check the Railway Station out. Next, we dropped our bags off at the hostel, On Top Backpackers. The hostel is on top of a pool hall and a bar. Definitely a place you could spend some time at if you were looking to relax and mingle. The rooms were good and the bathrooms were really nice. The hostel had some backpackers, but seemed to be more inhabited by students.

We got lucky and their happened to be a Rugby game the same day we were visiting Dunedin. Otago vs. Auckland. It was a good game, but the home team, Otago, lost. There is a lot of pride in Dunedin and the local crowd here seemed more vocal than the home game I saw at Moore Park(Sydney) on Australia day. Neither games compare to the Stateside college football experience.


After the game we went back to the hostel and then started a search for some food. We settled on a recommendation by our driver, Noodle Canteen. Well supported by uni kids, Noodle Canteen serves a variety of tasty dishes in a friendly and simple setting. Would definitely go back. I polished off my food and then finished off Vincent’s.

For a quiet day we sure did keep busy. After dinner we ventured out again and took a tour of the Speight’s brewery. The tour is quite lengthy and takes you not only through the history of Speight’s, but also through the history of beer. There is plenty of detail in the Speights brewery tour and the guide was very knowledgeable. Like the Monteiths brewery tour, the Speight’s brewery tour has all you can drink/pour beer at the end. If beer isn’t your thing, Speight’s provides a free tap outside their building serving deep spring water to the public free of charge. It is very good.


A great day already, Vincent talked me into a few games of pool and then we crashed.

Tour progress so far:

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