Some Options

By now I would have expected to have posted the 2010 v2 plan, but it is taking longer to flush out. In the meantime I have been presented with a few more options to consider.

Yesterday, I got three contacts considering work. The first was from Sammy the Support Manager at NetQoS (now CA) considering a support position in Sydney. The second contact was a call from Telecom NZ with an interview on next Tuesday for a Test Analyst position. Finally, the third contact was a call from a Welshie friend named Gaz who said he put in a weeks notice and I could come and take his job at a rental car company cleaning cars, picking up customers, and transferring cars between branches. With these options, there is more to consider and I am doing due diligence on these scenarios while flushing out v2. Looking to make a decision on final direction by Jan. 31st and then attack with full force.

Simultaneously I am reading documentation on programming in Python and am about 60% through reading the first book to get a CCNA certification. Also, getting some good time in the local parks, pools, and roadways.

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I enjoy your sharing. Thank you. Happy to see that you are getting options to look at.

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