Breakfast with Danny and Vincent, Walk in Botanical Gardens, Grocery Shopping, Explored Christchurch, Big Night Out – Christchurch, New Zealand (Day 27)

Today started out with Vincent, Danny, and I scouting out some food. We ended up settling on Subway for breakfast. After that we split up and I ended up  taking a stroll around Christchurch. During the journey, I visited the Christchurch Botanical Gardens. The gardens are very pleasant and have a good variety of plants to check out and are a good place to do people watching. Christchurch has a main square called Cathedral Square in the center of the city. This is a great place to chill and on the weekends street performers and food vendors can be found in the square. The most identifying feature of the square is the cathedral that sits in the corner of it.


After visiting the gardens and walking around other parts of Christchurch, I visited a few bike shops, a computer store to buy CD’s to back up pictures, and a Pak’n Save to pick up some fruit, juice, and other items. I think I then grabbed some more food and visited an internet cafe to upload some pictures to Facebook. Eventually, we all ended up back at the hostel. I think we started out at the hostel bar playing some Uno and chatting before then going out to a bar called Shooters. The place started off dead, but was quickly filled with college kids. At Shooters the drinks are expensive, the music is decent, and the crowd is sort of rowdy, but in general this place is just whacky. The bouncers are retarded and eventually half our party got kicked out. Lucy got kicked out for falling asleep on the bar, Vincent got kicked out for supposedly dancing with a prostitute, and I got kicked out for looking too tired. I think we got bounced because we were backpackers and they didn’t want to have anything to do with us. Three out of our party of six got kicked out and soon the rest of our group would follow. We then ended up in an Irish pub with some live music which promptly shut down.

After making a disjointed journey through town we ended up McDonald’s. Here we proceeded to have a late night feed. At that time McDonald’s was running a combo called the Mac Attack. This bad boy is 2 Big Mac’s, fries, and a drink for around 10 NZD. It was exactly what I needed and I promptly destroyed it before we ended up heading back to the hostel and crashing.

Lucy enjoying a drink while a Mac Attack waits to be destroyed


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