Status Update

72 days since the last post. Thought I should put something up here.

Some milestones:

~14 months back in the United States of America

~13 months with ServiceMesh

~a few trail runs done, 1 Marathon done, commuting by bicycle

~pretty boring, focused on work and personal studies

Current activities:

I’m currently focused on activities at ServiceMesh and training for Ironman France. I have also been lightly involved in some community projects (Ubuntu, Google Chrome OS). Additionally, in the evenings, I have been reading a variety of books in the realms of technology, philosophy, and government. Public libraries are a great community service.

Some motivations:

While particularly focused on personal behaviors, I have also been looking outward at local, national, and global behaviors and the government policies that function at each of these levels. While not committed to any extent greater than my own self at this point, I believe I possess a desire to advocate and promote ideas focused around increasing the quality of life through healthier lifestyle choices, particularly by focusing on alternative methods of transportation, physical activity, and diet. To a lesser extent there is also a desire to create a perception of living a better life by living a fulfilling life. While this latter motivation is probably greater in depth, I am still working to define what constitutes a fulfilling life.



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