Status Update – July 16, 2011

Below is a short and sweet status update. Going to get through some status and then hopefully get to some travel posts.

Happenings since April:

Helped bang out another pretty major release at SM
Still commuting by bike
Have put in some pretty solid swims at Barton Springs on a consistent basis
Completed Ironman France in Nice, France
Visited Kate Becker in Nice
Saw Lukey B and Dave and some of their mates in Manchester
Met up with Jacko and Michelle in London and went to the Wireless Festival in Hyde Park
Exploratory visit to Copenhagen, Denmark
Visited Uli and Kristin in Hamburg, Germany
Visited Stef and Sven in Halle, Germany
Finished Walden by Thoreau, The Communist Manifesto by Marx, Unit Test Frameworks, most of Java Power Tools, and began the Critique of Pure Reason, The Wealth of Nations, and The Republic of Plato

Looking forward:

Would like to knock off a half or two in the second half of 2011
Complete my current reading and further reading
Get my schedule discipline back to where it was in 2007-2008
Further increase bicycle commuting
Get the diet sorted again
Find or start a running group in the neighborhood – bare minimum: get runs in during the week
Join some kind of social cycling effort
Possibly join T3 again for weekend rides and runs
Have a greater impact at SM
Get some Android Dev going and get further connected with Ubuntu (possibly Ubuntu Orchestra or just more involved in Ubuntu QA)
Control my mouth..hehehe
Last but not least: take another stab at sobriety

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