How to build TWRP for the TB-8504X/F

I recently started a project to build LineageOS for the Lenovo TB-8504X/F. Part of the journey typically involves building a custom recovery. TWRP is now the defacto so I started there.


  1. An Android build environment: or something like
  2. Repo Installed:


  1. Create a working directory and cd into it
    • mkdir twrp && cd twrp
  2. Check out limited manifest for building TWRP
    • repo init -u git:// -b twrp-7.1
  3. Sync
    • repo sync
  4. Make a directory for the tb_8504x device inside the repository directory and cd into it
    • mkdir -p device/lenovo/tb_8504x && cd device/lenovo/tb_8504x
  5. Clone the recovery source into the tb_85004x directory
    • git clone
  6. Go back to the top level directory and lets start to build
    • source build/
      lunch omni_tb_8504x-userdebug
      mka recoveryimage

If everything goes well you should have a recovery image available in out/target/product/tb_8504x/

Big thanks to

You can find the final output and a continuing thread here:

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