How to build TWRP for the TB-8504X/F

I recently started a project to build LineageOS for the Lenovo TB-8504X/F. Part of the journey typically involves building a custom recovery. TWRP is now the defacto so I started there. Prerequisites: An Android build environment: or something like Repo Installed: Steps: Create a working directory and cd into it mkdir twrp […]

Getting started with Android and CircleCI

Continuous Integration provides many benefits to the software development process. Did I break the build? How many of our tests pass on the latest version? How can we distribute the latest version of our app to our testers smoothly? Continuous Integration can help answer all of these questions. For those that have been around for […]

Where to put the file on Jenkins

TL;DR: Put your file in the /var/lib/jenkins/.gradle/ directory on a standard Ubuntu install. Sometimes you need to have a file that is not included in your git repository. Many times this is because you need to have an api key that you would not like to be made public. Because your file […]

How to fix a few Autopilot Issues

There are changes in Autopilot and with these changes you will need to upgrade your test scripts. Issue 1: AttributeError: type object ‘AutopilotTestCase’ has no attribute ‘register_known_application’ To fix this we need to modify the test script from something like this: from autopilot.testcase import AutopilotTestCase from autopilot.matchers import Eventually from testtools.matchers import Equals, Contains #register […]