Getting started with Android and CircleCI

Continuous Integration provides many benefits to the software development process. Did I break the build? How many of our tests pass on the latest version? How can we distribute the latest version of our app to our testers smoothly? Continuous Integration can help answer all of these questions. For those that have been around for […]

Where to put the file on Jenkins

TL;DR: Put your file in the /var/lib/jenkins/.gradle/ directory on a standard Ubuntu install. Sometimes you need to have a file that is not included in your git repository. Many times this is because you need to have an api key that you would not like to be made public. Because your file […]

Working print_it.c for Sam’s Teach Yourself C Programming in 21 days

It’ s always awesome being blessed with incorrect code snippets in beginner programming books. Luckily, I have enough sexy house music to work through anything (thank you radio 1!). If you’re looking for a working print_it.c example, look no further! much thanks to: – There are bunch of sites with code for print_it.c and […]

How to Stream in High Quality with Effects to or on Ubuntu

This is a down and dirty how-to. I found that streaming via WebcamStudio resulted in higher quality streams than streaming directly to This approach also opens up some options not present in the browser based streaming solution offers. WebcamStudio is not included in the Ubuntu repositories so we will have to download it […]

How to “fix” Bridged Networking in VirtualBox (Ubuntu 11.04 Host / Windows XP Client)

Note: This is not a complete fix, but more of a hack to get internet working on client VM’s when bridged networking does not allow client VM’s to access the internet. After switching a Windows XP VM to bridged ethernet, the XP VM was no longer able to access the internet. I found a few […]

me-tv, a great program to watch tv with on ubuntu linux

There are quite a few programs for watching TV with on linux, but the best one I have found is me-tv! You can download me-tv from or via your distributions package manager. It makes scanning for channels, adding channels, watching TV, and recording shows a cinch. Big up to me-tv!

Google Chrome with Extensions (Flashblock, Adblock+, Gmail Checker)

I haven’t been keeping up with Chrome, but I recently did a search for blocking flash and found that both Flashblock and Adblock+ have been implemented in the latest developers release of Chrome 4.0+. Not only that, the boys that get into this stuff have been busy cooking up a whole bunch of other extensions […]

How to Turn Off the Button Lights on the Nokia 5800

The light from the buttons on the Nokia 5800 can be distracting when watching movies. Fortunately, it is easy to turn off these buttons using a program called LightCtrl. Step 1 Download LightCtrl here. Step 2 The program is unsigned. You must get it signed to install it. You will need your IMEI to do […]

Ironman Australia 2009 Results – Surry Hills, NSW, Australia

Some people have found my site searching for Ironman Australia 2009 results. Here is a link to the results. The last name and first name search fields were transposed when I tried the athlete search.