How to build TWRP for the TB-8504X/F

I recently started a project to build LineageOS for the Lenovo TB-8504X/F. Part of the journey typically involves building a custom recovery. TWRP is now the defacto so I started there. Prerequisites: An Android build environment: or something like Repo Installed: Steps: Create a working directory and cd into it mkdir twrp […]

How to fix a few Autopilot Issues

There are changes in Autopilot and with these changes you will need to upgrade your test scripts. Issue 1: AttributeError: type object ‘AutopilotTestCase’ has no attribute ‘register_known_application’ To fix this we need to modify the test script from something like this: from autopilot.testcase import AutopilotTestCase from autopilot.matchers import Eventually from testtools.matchers import Equals, Contains #register […]

How to Fix a Linksys EA4500 that’s not Transmitting at Wireless-N Rates

I had an issue where the EA4500 was not transmitting Wireless N rates. I did some searching and found that when you disable WMM the router will only transmit at Wireless B/G rates on 2.4 GHz. Just re-enable WMM and you will get your Wireless-N speeds back. To re-enable Wireless-N rates: Login to your Administration […]

How to Fix Traktor Freezing when Plugging in a Traktor S2 (OS X)

While running the latest version of Traktor and OS X I noticed that Traktor would freeze when I plugged in the S2. This might be obvious for some, but I had forgotten that the S2 contains an update utility that updates the firmware on the S2. After updating the firmware all my freezing issues went […]