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Ironman Australia 2009 Results – Surry Hills, NSW, Australia

Some people have found my site searching for Ironman Australia 2009 results. Here is a link to the results.

The last name and first name search fields were transposed when I tried the athlete search.


Ironman Australia 2009 – Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia

Ironman Australia has to be the best organized, best supported, and best vibes I have ever seen and felt at a race. Port Macquarie gives a warm welcome to all of the athletes and their friends and the entire town transforms into a community dedicated to supporting the race. The volunteers are friendly and excited to be part of the event. Pre and post race, the carbo dinner, awards dinner, and meltdown party flowed smoothly, served good food and drinks, and  the entertainment and speakers were lively, comical, and provided depth. I highly recommend IMOZ.

The course is both challenging and scenic. There are flats on both the run and bike, but there are also hills. The course runs along the coastline and through national forests providing nice views to participants, spectators, and volunteers. Aid stations are well spaced and well stocked. I posted some pictures from the event below.

If you get to Port Macquarie, make sure to eat at Winky’s on Clarence. They serve breakfast all day and here is what you get for $12. I ate three meals here during my stay and enjoyed it every time. Winky’s breakfast is now my favorite breakfast.


My previous favorite breakfast was from a pub in England. The pub is located in the Imperial Hotel. “All Day Breakfast” pictured below:

Here is a picture of the awards ceremony while everyone was getting food and eating


Female 60-64 category winners – Gotta love 60 year olds that still get out and do things


The meltdown party was retarded – me included


Flynn’s beach recovery