Six Foot Down Under – Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia

The Six Foot Marathon is known by all runners in these parts for good reason: Six Foot will let you know what you are made of. There is no escaping the blood, sweat, and tears that will be had and the elevation profile hints at the humbling that will be had on race day. Despite all this, the brave souls that can be found on the course are amazingly cheery and in good spirits. All participants display a strong desire to finish and even after 35 k’s of brutal hills the chirping of women can be heard throughout the hills. With 5k’s to the finish, I found a peer attempting to shuffle to the finish with a broken ankle. It is not just a competition, it is an experience and good vibes are all that can be found. ┬áThe winners will finish the 45km course in 3:15+, with 1st going to a guy who calls himself Sleep TRAIN. Which is probably all you can do if you want to win a race like this. Yours truly came home in a little above 6 hours. I haven’t written a race report before and I don’t think I will start now, but if you are interested in what others have to say about the race you can view the board on Cool Running Australia dedicated to Six Foot. Want an idea of how Six Foot looks? A video of last years six foot is here.