me-tv, a great program to watch tv with on ubuntu linux

There are quite a few programs for watching TV with on linux, but the best one I have found is me-tv! You can download me-tv from or via your distributions package manager. It makes scanning for channels, adding channels, watching TV, and recording shows a cinch. Big up to me-tv!

How to Share a Wireless Connection via Ethernet Using Squid on Ubuntu

I needed to share my wireless internet connection on my laptop to a few computers that did not have wireless network cards. This is how I solved the problem. What you will need: 1. Computer with wireless internet connection running Squid on Ubuntu 2. A few ethernet cables 3. A switch 4. A computer to […]

Using Instant Messengers with a Squid Proxy

In Ubuntu, Google Chrome sets the system-wide network configuration when you specify a proxy. What does this mean? This means that when you want to use an instant messenger client like Pidgin or another desktop application, it will also use the proxy specified for Chrome. I like Chrome, but I also like to chat. To […]

How to Turn Off the Button Lights on the Nokia 5800

The light from the buttons on the Nokia 5800 can be distracting when watching movies. Fortunately, it is easy to turn off these buttons using a program called LightCtrl. Step 1 Download LightCtrl here. Step 2 The program is unsigned. You must get it signed to install it. You will need your IMEI to do […]