How To

How to Turn Off the Button Lights on the Nokia 5800

The light from the buttons on the Nokia 5800 can be distracting when watching movies. Fortunately, it is easy to turn off these buttons using a program called LightCtrl.

Step 1

Download LightCtrl here.

Step 2

The program is unsigned. You must get it signed to install it. You will need your IMEI to do this.

Find your IMEI by typing *#06# on the touch keypad of the Nokia 5800.

Using your IMEI, visit and get LightCtrl signed.

Step 3

Transfer the signed LightCtrl file to your Nokia 5800.

Step 4

Using the File Manager(Applications->File Manager), browse to the location of the LightCtrl file and install it.

Step 5

Once installed, open the application and set the Primary Keyboard setting to “Light off”. DONE! In addition, I set the Primary Screen setting to “Control by System”.