How to setup boot on charge on TB-8504X/F running Nougat

Note: The Oreo ROM for this device supports fastboot oem off-mode-charge 0 This tutorial is for the Nougat ROM.

I was able to get it to work by updating the init.rc file

I found the on charger trigger and added the following lines below it:

setprop ro.bootmode "normal"
setprop sys.powerctl "reboot"

The entire trigger block ends up looking like this

on charger
    class_start charger
    setprop ro.bootmode "normal"
    setprop sys.powerctl "reboot"

You then need to repack and flash the boot image created after the updates.

Connect the device over USB

Power on device and get to bootloader mode

adb reboot bootloader 

To flash boot image execute the following command while in fastboot

fastboot flash boot new-boot.img

Note: This fix will cause the device to reboot when its plugged in even when shutting it off using the power button or software shutdown.


You can see the commit that contains these changes for my project here: