HomeAway Traveler Android App

Google Play: HomeAway Traveler Android

Primary Responsibility:

  • Enhanced, refactored, and maintained the Search and Filter screens of the HomeAway Traveler Android app

Key achievements:

  • Added dynamic filter service support to the Traveler App which provides more relevant filter options to travelers based on location and other search characteristics
  • Migrated the search and filters from a traditional REST API to GraphQL
  • Wrote a node.js GraphQL resource that takes an send an image and a polygon to identify to bounds that were drawn on a map and then return results based on the areas that were drawn
  • Added an urgency messaging resolver to the GraphQL search resource that allows clients to get access to how booked a particular property or region is during a given a timeframe
  • Performed dozens of code reviews on PR’s from geographically and organizationally dispersed teams
  • Daily coached and directed new hires and less experienced Android Developers in person and remotely on topics such as RxJava, Dependency Injection, Android SDK API’s, and general software development practices and concepts
  • Provided guidance and support for iOS engineers implementing features that were previously implemented on Android
  • Attended and encouraged meetings to resolve outstanding organizational issues that required coordination from geographically distributed teams