Geologger test run complete

heres the run-down:
i got the geo logger today
hardware works great so far
software install was finicky
software operation and hardware operation are not that user friendly either
regardless of these circumstances I was able to successfully geolog a trip to Fry’s to get some extra ram for the laptop

I haven’t been able to figure out how to embed it into the location page yet, but I put the test run on the net here –

i like the current output – improvments that I want to make are better auto tagging of location, removal of image scaling and compression – i want to retain the original picture quality

also, I uploaded the same pics to picasa – once the photos are geotagged picasa automatically places your pics on a map, you do miss out on your route though.

check out the picasa upload here

and finally I uploaded the pics to locr:

locr pics

slideshow in locr:

locr slideshow

I also switched the live streaming from to yahoo live temporarily – seems to cut out sporadically and not recover. Yahoo live doesnt have a standalone stream window which is kind of weak – it also does not have as much configuration abilities as the or

now im switched to – the interface for mogulus is the best so far – well see how it performs overall


more updates

i needed a digi watch to keep track of time in africa – not sure if my tent has electricity or not – scooped one up at target and added it to the gear page – still making a few changes here and there like the header image – cam is rolling live, but nothing interesting is going on

if you’re wondering what im listening to, the techno is radioblagon coming straight to your ears from paris

they have multiple streams – the following is the one that im jammin

the african music is from KLH News International



live feed

i switched the live feed from to – has some gui issues on their admin pages, seems to have a more robust offering so far



two new sections – music and gear

keep everyone up to date on cool tunes and gear


i have almost got the theme complete, but want to figure out how to add comments for pages – most themes have this, but this one does not seem to

also – this theme did not have a links section for the sidebar menu


changed theme

trying to merge the previous two themes into one was unsuccessful – I have chosen this current layout and am now cleaning up the css – let me know if you have any suggestions on anything


Status – 7/3/2008

i decided to try wordpress instead of drupal to manage this site – currently I am trying out some themes and testing functionality to ensure everything needed can be done relatively easy – so far wordpress has been a cinch to get installed

im going to test embedding a video from Antarctica below and a picture from India and a picture from the Pecos Wilderness

Taking a dip in Antarctic waters


Enjoying some man-made beauty and a journey begins